March 10 is National Mario Day! MAR10 #MAR10Day #Nintendo

March 10 is National Mario Day- #mar10day mario0Nintendo is such a big part of our lives around here. I mean with two Nintendo Kid Reviewers in the house, how can it be anything else? You with think with being so into Nintendo we would know allthe ins and outs, but we were totally taken by surprise when a box arrived this morning! Nintendo is always sending goodies to the reviewers but we had no clue what this one was all about.mario

mario1We came to happily to find out that March 10th, ifyou take MAR and add 10 to it, you come up with mar10!! Love it! Happy National MAR10 Day! We will be celebrating all day long with games, fun and thanks to Nintendo, some Mar10 cake pops! Check out all things Nintendo here:



Take a look at this video Nintendo made to celebrate #Mar10day It will definitely put a smile on your face and magic in your heart!

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Jenga Giant! So Much Family Fun! #KidsUnplugged #Jenga #JengaGiant

Jenga Giant For The Ultimate In Family Fun!

jengaIf you are like my family, someone is always connected to some available device. Although I personally think that there are is a lot of fun waiting in the virtual world, it disconnects us from each other in the house. With saying that, I am always in search of ideas and games that will unite us as a family. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to find a game that will appeal to all ages of my children and keep the parents happy, too. Jenga Giant was a huge hit with our family.



First of all, the game is enormous! We loved it immediately and the set up can involve everyone young and not so young. Jenga Giant comes boxed with the pieces bagged. The instructions are easy to follow. You simply build the tower as a whole, then the fun begins! Turn by turn, we started with youngest goes first, takes out a piece of the Jenga Giant without toppling the tower. Will gravity be your friend? Our family has a million laughs every time we play. Jenga Giant stacks to over 3 feet tall. It’s quite big especially since most times we play it on top of the kitchen table. Personally, I have never won the game yet, but believe I am still trying!

The best part of Jenga Giant is that it will unite your family and friends and keep the kids unplugged and focused on the family and the fun they are having. The reaction to Jenga Giant was incredible! Be prepared though, your kids will want to play again and again and again. Usually I set the two or three game limit at the beginning so there are no issues. Good Luck if you play. You can find out more about all Jenga games right here: Enjoy!

Disclosure: Jenga Giant was provided to Diane Sullivan in order to create this review. No compensation was given for this post. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan/ 3decades3kids and part of our #KidsUnplugged Series. Contact me at and everywhere else at @3decades3kids. Happy Game Time!