Are You Fully Charged? Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus!

Are You Fully Charged? 
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Celebrates the 141st Edition!
When I think of some of my favorite memories as a child and many of my favorite times with my three children, I cannot help but think of going to the circus! Every year as soon as we begin to see circus commercials the buzz in our house automatically goes to “Circus Talk”! Remember when the clown put the funny nose on? Remember the parade? The music? 
Everyone in our house has a different “favorite part” of the circus, but everyone  agrees that going to the circus is a must! The circus is something that appeals to every age! I would know, since my children are 20, 11, and 4! There are never any complaints when we hit the Greatest Show On Earth!
 I would have to definitely say, we are Fully Charged!

Don’t miss Fully ChargedSMthe all-new surge of circus entertainment fromRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-before-seen performances that energize Children of All Ages!
The most electrifying edition ever ofRingling Bros.®celebrates performance power that boosts circus-goers excitement. The amazing acts, which can only be seen at The Greatest Show On Earth®, include Tabayara, a dynamic animal trainer whose rare ability to communicate with animals allows him to ride rearing stallions at a fully charged gallop and orchestratemajestic four-ton Asian Elephants in a symphony of dance. When he stands inside a cage, eye to eye with twelve ferocious tigers, Tabayara sees family where others see danger.
Audiences will feel the earth shake when the Ukrainian strongman duo ofDmitry Nadolinkskiy and Ruslan Gilmulin, who are as wide as they are tall, enter the arena.  The brawny twosome give the word manpower a whole new meaning as they lift large cumbersome telephone poles, which weigh up to half-a-ton, and twirl them above their heads while acrobats balance atop.
The Fearless Fernandez Brothers dial up the thrills as they perform daring feats of athleticism on the Twin Turbines of Steel, including, extreme jumps and twists inside the moving wheels! Audiences will crackle with excitement as they watch Guillermo perform a three hundred sixty degree flying forward somersault, three stories in air, a feat so difficult it has only been attempted by one other person in the 141-year history of Ringling Bros.The Human Fuse, Brian Miser, sets the arena sky ablaze as he rockets through the air from his self-made human crossbow.  Don’t blink as he flashes across the sky in less than a second, and travels 80 feet at 65 miles per hour.
Ever wonder how many clowns it takes to change a light bulb? The hilarious hoopla continues to flow as the clowns from the world-famous Ringling Bros.®clown-alley, charge-up the audiences’ funny bones with hysterical silly antics and clownish comedy.
You can only experience this current of excitement at Ringling Bros. Fully Charged! Get your ticket for high-voltage fun today!

Don’t miss the All Access Power Up Pre-show Party!
Arrive an hour before show time and step onto the arena floor to meet our performers and animals.  It’s your chance to learn skills from the stars of the show and discover how to be CircusFit®. This action packed  event will get you Fully Charged and ready for the show to begin. Plus, watch one of our incredible Asian  elephants paint a masterpiece, and enter for a chance to win your very own pachyderm painting. The fun starts an hour before show time, and it’s free with your ticket!

 is a unique initiative in which we’re encouraging everyone everywhere to check their smoke detector batteries to make sure they’re (wait for it) — Fully Charged. As a mom and a former teacher, I cannot begin to tell you how many lives I have seen changed and saved by “working/charged” smoke detectors! Hats off to Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus for their great cause!
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Yes, there’s a Facebook page –Like Are You Fully Charged? On Facebook! Click Here 🙂. please help spread the word — you might also help save a life.

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The code BLOGGER is good on all performances at both locations, except for opening nights.

World Premiere: Pompeii The Exhibit Life And Death In the Shadow of Vesuvius

DTSX Times Square
“World Premiere of Pompeii The Exhibit
Life And Death In The Shadow of Vesuvius”
Discovery Times Square Exposition 
Opens March 4, 2011
If you have a definite interest in Pompeii or want to learn more about it and experience Pompeii first hand, you will not want to miss this exhibit!
I was fortunate enough to be invited to a preview night for the new exhibit event at DTSX Times Square NYC the other night.
I personally love learning everything I can about Pompeii and cannot wait to be a part of the action!
The exhibit is very informative and very emotional.
Walking into the room of body casts from people and animals that were caught in their tracks when  Mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii, Italy was overwhelming. The thought of all those poor people covered in ash. The body casts were amazing and I felt honored to be able to experience seeing them.  How wonderful that we now have a chance to see the artifacts that were left behind.
During Pompeii The Exhibit, you can experience first hand what Pompeii was like before and after Mt. Vesuvius made its mark. 
Our audio guide was fantastic and a wonderful perk to the exhibit! It was great having two choices of numbers on the audio guide for “children” and “adults”. I loved it, since I was there with my 11 and 4 year old. They both we able to experience the exhibit, on their own level. They especially enjoyed the “closed space” movie where we were able to follow along watching the events of the day leading up to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius 2,000 years ago.
 I also enjoyed reading the very long events timeline, spanning the length of the room! 
The jewelry inside the display was wonderful, and there was plenty to choose from in the gift shoppe, as well as many other choices, including books, dvds, leather checkers, and more.

We all also enjoyed sampling two different waters inported from Italy. What a night! What a great exhibit!
You are not allowed to photograph inside of the display area. I was able to give a few sample pics from the gift shop area.
If you are in the NYC area, or planning a vacation to the area- do not miss Pompeii-The Exhibit! It is great for all ages and the experience is unforgettable!
See you at Discovery Times Square
Pompeii The Exhibit
For more information:
See You At Pompeii The Exhibit!
All opinions are my own. A special thank you to Discovery Times Square Expostion for hosting a wonderful night!


DTSX Times Square
Free Teachers’ Preview Event!
Pompeii The Exhibit
Life And Death In The Shadow Vesuvius
If you are a teacher or know someone who is, this is a free teachers’ event that you will not want to miss out on!
March 2, 2011 is teachers’ preview night for the new exhibit event at DTSX Times Square NYC.
Teachers must preregister for this event
for a night of previews, learning and fun!
I personally love learning everything I can about Pompeii and cannot wait to be a part of the action!

The link below is the registration-Space is limited:
(must have valid teacher id to enter..each ticket good for teacher and one guest)
See you at Discovery Times Square
Pompeii The Exhibit

BON JOVI Circle Tour NYC

The Circle Tour
Madison Square Garden NYC
Okay, What can I say? You either are a Bon Jovi fan or you’re not. My entire family is a Bon Jovi loving family. Even Emily knows the songs, since they are ring tones on my BB and alarms. So, I was thrilled to be able to go to the Bon Jovi’s Circle Tour last night!
I was a little concerned when I heard there was no “lead-in” band. But, I was definitely NOT disappointed when Bon Jovi started one hit after another and played from 8pm until past 11pm…non stop! I had seen him in the spring at the New Meadowlands Stadium, but this was even better!!
The energy was outrageous. The music was great. Bon Jovi-Amazing!
I was so happy to hear some of my favorite songs like:
We Weren’t Born to Follow
Have a Nice Day
Wanted Dead or Alive
Bad Medicine
Livin on a Prayer
It’s MY Life!

If you have a chance to see Bon Jovi LIVE, don’t miss out!
For more info on Bon Jovi:

Hershey Lodge! It’s Cozy Inside

Hershey Lodge-It’s Cozy Inside
It has a been an unusually cold winter, but don’t worry there is a place in Hershey,PA where it  is warm and cozy inside, the Hershey Lodge! My family has spent many years going to Hershey at different times of the year, but one of my favorite times to visit the Hershey Lodge is during Chocolate Covered February. What a perfect month to enjoy chocolate everywhere you look!

Our visit to the lodge started with a great feature: The Kids’ Check-In. The characters are right there in the lobby to meet and greet the children(and adults). There is a special desk for the children to check in and gather up some goodies-including a personalized lanyard, stickers, coloring sheets, crayons, little surprises, candy and even a candy guessing contest! That immediately gets everyone into the right frame of mind. The kids are happy, so everyone is happy! 
Soon after checking in we all wanted to head to the indoor pool, whirlpool and game room. 
It could not be any nicer. It was great to be in a nice warm pool and view all the snow surrounding us outside the windows! We knew right then, we were in the right place! Let the relaxing and fun begin! The duckies in the pool-bonus! It does not matter if you have children or not, you cannot help but enjoy the Hershey Lodge pool. If you visit in the summer, you can also enjoy a second outdoor pool!

After our swim and game play, including ping-pong, we headed to another one of the many lodge activities: Graham Cracker house building. What fun! Everything you need to make your house is supplied by the lodge, all you have to do is show up and have fun! Some other activities include:hotel crafts,pool games,  movies, Hershey kiss Bingo and more! Be prepared to plan so you can get in some real fun!
When it’s time for dinner you don’t have to worry about leaving Hershey Lodge. There are choices within the lodge for every taste. Our family favorite for dinner is The Bear’s Den. This restaurant is themed after the Hershey Bear’s hockey team and comes complete with “ice floor”(not real ice) and private tv’s within each booth! Can you say fun? Not only is it a great themed restaurant, the food is delicious and the popcorn is endless!
After dinner we spent some time in the lobby relaxing by the fireplace. We could not help but to get a nice cup of coffee at the Cocoa Beanery and then headed back to the room for a great night’s rest. Somewhere along the way, we picked up a Big Hershey Kiss and of course a kiss shaped balloon! It must have been our stop at the gift shop! We sure needed a rest after our action packed day at the lodge!
But, the fun was not over in the morning. We headed for a speciality breakfast held on certain weekends throughout the year. On our way into Lebbie Lebkicher’s we were greeted by the Hershey band playing some lively tunes! During breakfast, which I absoulately LOVE, we were surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries and fruits, choco chip pancakes, and even chocolate butter, chocolate everything! Of course, there were many other breakfast items, as well as a regular menu available. The people at Lebbie’s  and the lodge could not have been any nicer. Chef Andy even greeted us and made the rounds. Everyone in the room seemed satisfied! It was a real perk to have the Hershey characters going from table to table! It was a Chocolate dream come true! 
If you are looking for a great resort to visit during any season, you should definitely consider the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA! It’s a great place for families, couples, friends and conventions!
For more information on the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center and for great rates and packages please visit:
Have a Chocolate Covered Day!