PackIt Freeze+Go


PackIt  Freeze+Go Personal Cooler Lunch BagGreat for School, Work, Play, and Themeparks! Every year by the time it comes to March, my children have gone through lunchbox after lunchbox and cool pack after cool pack. It seems like I have bought so many ice packs since September and they just disappear. I was SO happy […]

Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony-NYC


Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony Belasco Theatre 111 West 44th Street NYC Last night hubby and I had a real treat! Thanks to  MommysLinks we had the opportunity to attend Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony! If you like Kathy Griffin you do not want to miss this chance to see her LIVE!  The show was hilarious. It started with a […]

SKELLIG at New Victory Theater NYC- Review


Skellig  by  David Almond at New Victory Theater NYC March 4-13, 2011 Anyone that has ever been to New Victory Theater located on 42nd Street in NYC can tell you that it’s a wonderful find for children and families. This was evident over  the weekend, when I had the chance to attend the performance of […]

World Premiere: Pompeii The Exhibit Life And Death In the Shadow of Vesuvius


Pompeii DTSX Times Square “World Premiere of Pompeii The Exhibit Life And Death In The Shadow of Vesuvius” Discovery Times Square Exposition  Opens March 4, 2011 If you have a definite interest in Pompeii or want to learn more about it and experience Pompeii first hand, you will not want to miss this exhibit! I […]

BON JOVI Circle Tour NYC


BON JOVI  The Circle Tour Madison Square Garden NYC Okay, What can I say? You either are a Bon Jovi fan or you’re not. My entire family is a Bon Jovi loving family. Even Emily knows the songs, since they are ring tones on my BB and alarms. So, I was thrilled to be able […]

Hershey Lodge! It’s Cozy Inside


Hershey Lodge-It’s Cozy Inside It has a been an unusually cold winter, but don’t worry there is a place in Hershey,PA where it  is warm and cozy inside, the Hershey Lodge! My family has spent many years going to Hershey at different times of the year, but one of my favorite times to visit the […]