Disney The Muppets Screening Review

Review: The Muppets 
Screening NYC
Muppets Hit The 
Big Screen 
November 23rd!
It’s really hard to remember my life without Kermit in it! For as long as I can remember the muppets have been in our house as magnets, pillows, little characters and stuffed animals. I can remember going to Disney Studios (then MGM Studios) in Florida and the excitement the entire family felt watching the life size muppet characters come to life as only the muppets can do. 
So, as you can imagine, I was pretty thrilled when I first heard that a new movie, The Muppets was in the making. I could not wait to see it! A few days ago, I had the pleasure of attending a private screening of The Muppets, thanks to Moms And The City, NYC. 
3decades3kids enjoying the screening!
Adam(Gonzo), Emily(Kermit),Louie(Fozzie Bear)

Muppet Mania!

To add to the excitement, Moms And The City along with Disney outfitted the entire audience of children and adults with Muppets costumes of their choice including Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and Gonzo!
The smiles were flowing as everyone sat back in anticipation of The Muppets.
Immediately at the movie’s opening we were introduced to Walter, the newest muppet, and biggest muppet fan ever. He’s lived his entire life along side his brother Gary(Jason Segal) who loves muppets, too (but is not one). Gary’s promise to his girlfriend Mary(Amy Adams)to spend their tenth anniversary dating together goes haywire when they decide to take Walter along for the ride. Of course they could never think of leaving him behind, since their destination is Muppets Studio in Hollywood. When Walter sneaks into Kermits old and unused for years office, he overhears Tex Richman’s(Chris Cooper) evil plan to take over Muppets Studio and drill for oil under the theater. This sets the scene as Walter, Gary, and Mary set out on a quest to find Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, many other muppets and of course, Miss Piggy in order to raise ten million dollars to save Muppets Studio! 

The movie was delightful! It was wonderful to see the old gang up on the big screen and the excitement spread through the theater, as clapping did happen not once, but twice! There also was a bit of a tissue alert for me as Kermit sang Rainbow Connection. That brought back a lot of special memories.
The Muppets  is a perfect holiday family movie. Thank you Disney for keeping the magic alive and the memories right at our fingertips! Wocka! Wocka!
See you at The Muppets movie! For tickets please click here!

Disclosure: Special thanks to Moms And The City and Disney Pictures for event invitation.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids and Diane Sullivan.

Curious George Holiday Spectacular on PBS Nov. 23rd!

Curious George
Holiday Spectacular
Nov. 23rd on PBS
Monkey Movie Marathon
Recently, my family and I  had the pleasure of attending a wonderful PBS Kids event in honor of the upcoming special Curious George Holiday Spectacular which airs on PBS November 23rd.
This holiday special will include the broadcast debut of  the original Curious George movie, followed by Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, and then Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas.

What better place than the Monkey Bar NYC to host to the event, which along with monkey decor, yellow runts filled centerpieces, and monkey wallpaper adorning the walls, you could also find the famous yellow hat!  We were  welcomed with a yellow carpet to walk!
Once inside, we were of course greeted by Curious George himself. He was not only available for photos, but also to entertain the children as the adults dined in luxury and buzzed about the new Curious George special and all the great things PBS has in the works.

 Also on hand was one of the co-owners of the Monkey Bar, Graydon Carter and his family. It was wonderful to be in the company of  some of the heart of PBS. I enjoyed hearing from Dorothea Gillim-Executive Producer Curious George, Linda Simensky-Vice President Children’s Programming PBS and Lesli Rothenberg, Senior Vice President Children’s Media PBS.
I also had the pleasure of chatting with Lesli Rothenberg over lunch and it really was delightful. As a 20 year teacher veteran, it was a teacher’s dream come true to be able to chat with Lesli about all things PBS, especially since PBS has played such an important role in my life as a teacher and also as a mom of three. Since my children are 20, 12 and 5, we have been a PBS family forever! We discussed how important learning at home was to children and what a vital role parents have in their child’s preschool life. We also discussed the value of media in the classroom and Lesli tipped me off to a wonderful site called PBSparents.org where parents can go to track their child’s development and also find some great hands on activities to do with children of all ages. Of course I had to get home and check out the site right away, and as a teacher and mom, I have to say it is wonderful! I already found some great activities for Emily and I to do together and some for her to try on her own!
Now, as for Curious George, he has always been a family favorite, so I was not surprised to hear that he was the number one and most viewed show on PBS! Go George! I know our family and friends will be tuned in on Wednesday, November 23rd to see Curious George: Holiday Spectacular! There will also be encore presentations all weekend long (Thanksgiving weekend). So gather up your little monkeys and let’s get curious…with Curious George (okay, I know you are singing along). For other fun activities please check out PBSkids.

Disclosure: Special thanks to PBS for event invitation.
All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan.

Wordless Wednesday: PBS Kids Curious George Holiday Spectacular Event

Wordless Wednesday:
 PBS Kids Curious George 
Holiday Spectacular Event
Airs November 23rd on PBS
(After being a teacher for 20 years there was no way I could miss this PBS Kids event!)
Em loves to walk the red carpet and the blue carpet and the yellow carpet, too!
Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Looks like the man in the yellow hat left a little something behind.

We were treated to a monkey delicious dessert featuring Curious George’s picture.

The Monkey Bar NYC

PBS Vice President

Of course, Curious George was on hand to greet and play with the children!
Disclosure: Event was provided by PBS Kids.

Wordless Wednesday: Kris Jenner Book Launch NYC

Wordless Wednesday
Kris Jenner Book Launch Event
The Darby, NYC
Today, at The Darby in NYC, I was treated to a wonderful book launch event hosted by Moms & The City.
Kris Jenner’s book Kris Jenner..and All Things Kardashian hit the bookshelves on November 1st. I had the pleasure of being part of a chat session with Kris and found out what a sensitive and caring person she is and how inspiring she is as a mother and business woman. She also graced the small group with fashion and skin care tips! Kris was on hand to autograph her book! I’ll be reading my copy tonight!

Disclosure:  Special Thanks to Maletzky Media, Moms & The City 
and Kris Jenner.
All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan.