Disney Blitz Day #1 of 16

After our big countdown to Disney, the fun day finally arrived! We headed to Orlando via Jet Blue. Not one complaint about the airline. We even landed close to 10 minutes early!
After landing we followed the signs for Disney’s Magical Express. It was the first time we ever used it, since it’s our first trip without a car! We will be renting a car, but not until next week.
Magical Express was easy to find and took us right to the door of Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village. The room is themed in African decor and what a view.
Tomorrow we head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House. We are looking forward to experiencing the Club Concierge level for a few nights.
Before that we will be heading to Magic Kingdom for the day! Mickey, here we come!

ILLUSCINATION! Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Circus

Coney Island
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Circus!

Illuscination, the circus, by Ringling Bros and Branum & Baily opened on The Boardwalk at the corner of 21st St. and Surf Ave. in Coney Island! We were there this past weekend for an evening show. It was super!

Our show tickets were for 6:3o, but we arrived an hour early for the pre-show. Wow! We have been to the circus many times, but never on this scale. Since it is held in tents near the Boardwalk, EVERY seat is a good one! At the pre-show we were able to get very close to the elephant as she printed a picture of her foot that was later raffled off to a lucky winner. A few clowns were on the floor, some jugglers, and a place to try on circus clothes! We already had a great time and the circus did not even begin!

Of course the kids had to visit all the stands and get some cotton candy, a circus hat, circus peanuts, dippin dots, etc! Yeah, we definitely had enough snacks to go around. The circus began right on time with the elephants parading around and the clowns doing tricks. It was so much better with just one ring and so close. We could see everything. The circus would not have been complete without the tigers and lion tamer, the trained cats doing their tricks, white horses, and of course confetti and mild indoor fireworks. It was quite a show. Just like the circus you see at MSG, but scaled down and not extremely loud. They even had the motorcycle going up a tightrope! So much fun! I would love to go back and see this show again. Maybe I just will, especially since we were given tickets on the way out for $8.oo tickets/ weekdays during June and July! Here’s the code in case you want to try out this boardwalk circus. You will not be disappointed, believe me!

http://www.ticketmaster.com/ or 18007453000 code: BROOKLYN

http://www.ringlingb/ros.com/ Fun for All Ages! ( I would know!)