The Berenstain Bears in Family Matters the Musical!

The Berenstain Bears Live!

Recently my family was invited to The Berenstain Bears Live in NYC. We could not have been more delighted. Since I have three children 20,12,and 4, The Berenstain Bears have been a part of our family for a very long time. I have also read The Berenstain Bears book series for years in my classroom.
The Berenstain Bears Family Matters The Musical was just delightful. We really enjoyed watching this production bring three of our family’s favorite stories to life! The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food, The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble at School, and The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers could not have been better choices to see LIVE! Of course it was filled with all of our Bear County favorites including Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa and even Cousin Bear was there! Many lessons were learned as Sister found out about strangers, Brother learned about getting better grades, Papa learned about eating healthy and they all learned a little bit more about being honest! Mama seems to be quite busy keeping her Bear family in line!

It was so energizing to sing and dance along with The Berenstain Bears. They brought the audience to their feet with the song Too Much Fluff on Your Tummy! The Berenstain Bears were quite audience friendly. When the show ends, the fun doesn’t! In the lobby after the show the children (and adults) can get their own bear nose painted on by Grandpa Bear, with the help of Gran of course! Then hold up your own pot of honey and stand with the rest of the Bear family for a great family picture!
The Berenstain Bears Family Matters The Musical will absolutely delight your family! It’s great for children of all ages or adults that have treasured The Berenstain Bears throughout their lives. I suggest you grab a Bear fan and head over to this show for some Bear County fun!

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Review: The Wiggles 20th Birthday Tour! Be The 5th Wiggle!

Review:The Wiggles
20th Birthday Tour!
You Can Be The 5th Wiggle!
When I think back on my life as a mom and the fun times I have had and still do with the children, I can’t help but think of The Wiggles! Our family has spent many a day singing and dancing to The Wiggles songs as well as watching the show for years and years. Since my oldest son is 20 and my youngest daughter 4, it seems like The Wiggles have always been a part of our house!
When were were invited to The Wiggles 20th Birthday Tour you can’t even imagine how happy we were.
The Wiggles Live is quite an experience and different in many ways than other live shows I have been to. The Wiggles are extremely audience friendly, which is a big plus to anyone that wants the best live show experience. Murray had no problem at all coming off the stage when the little boy in a wheelchair seated behind me held up a sign that said, “Come over and check out my Big Red Car!”. The smile on that little guy’s face was priceless as he grinned from ear to ear.
When my middle son waved to Murry on his way back, he had absolutely no problem stopping for a photo! I was in awe of the respect that The Wiggles had for the families watching the show. Greg also graced the audience reading each and every handmade sign that he could see! How special did that make the children feel?
I did find out something else, too. If you are planning to go to see The Wiggles Live, bring along a bone for Wags the Dog, and a rose for Dorothy the Dinosaur! Each and every bone and flower was collected by a member of The Wiggles! Wow! I wish I knew that in advance.
Besides all of the audience interaction, there was an over abundance of fun to be had by everyone. Many old songs and some new ones! We sang and danced to “Hot Potato”, “Big Red Car”, “Rockabye Your Bear”, and plenty of others.
My daughter said it was the best day ever as Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and the Wiggly Dancers sang song after song! All I can say is WOW!
The best part of all: The Wiggles are in search of The 5th Wiggle in a city near you. The Wiggles are looking for someone in each city to sing along with them to “Fruit Salad”, it could be you! For your chance click here:  Be The 5th Wiggle! Good Luck!
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See You At The Wiggles 20th Birthday Party!
PS: We were saddened to hear that Jeff would not be a part of the show due to heart problems. But, it was handled beautifully by Murray and a helper was on the scene.
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