Let’s Chat With Carl Van Horn- Monster Truck Driver of Grave Digger

Let’s Chat With Carl Van Horn- Monster Truck Driver of Grave Digger

Interview Between Carl Van Horn(Grave Digger) and Diane Sullivan

Carl Van Horn

Monster Jam is one of our absolute family fun favs. It’s a bunch of fun for the entire family, all ages. Monster Jam is at Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ January 30th and 31st. There is still time to buy tickets and enjoy the fun! Check out more about Monster Jam here and purchase tickets if you’d like to: http://www.monsterjam.com/ In the meantime, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite drivers- Carl Van Horn- Grave Digger driver. Yes, please! For years I have been sitting in the stands and thinking up questions I would love to have asked him. Now I finally had the chance. Total Awesomeness!

My boys taking a ride in Grave Digger during the summer Monster Jam.

Diane: Tell me about driving Grave Digger. It’s a definite fan favorite.

Carl Van Horn:Grave Digger is the most popular truck in the world! The fans push me to drive has hard as I can every weekend.


Diane: How do you get motivated before a Monster Jam event?

Carl: It seems like when I first started I had two or three things, but now it’s more that I just strap in and go. I mean, I set all the belts up loose in a certain way because we get in and out of the Monster Jam trucks so fast that I can just jump in, tighten the belts and go. I don’t like to be rushed because it feels like I’ve forgotten something. My biggest thing is just having everything set up prior to a run, so that I can belt in a lot faster and be ready to go.


Diane: What’s your scariest moment?

Carl: I’m pretty fearless in my Monster Jam truck. There isn’t anything I haven’t tried.


Diane: Besides driving Grave Digger, what do you for fun?

Carl: Spend time with my family as much as possible. And I like to play electric and acoustic guitar. I also enjoy writing my own country music as well.


Diane: What’s your future goal in driving Monster trucks?

Carl: Everyone’s goal is to get to the Monster Jam World Finals every March!


Diane: What’s your personal favorite- freestyle? Or technique?

Carl: Definitely freestyle – it’s when I can pull out all my tricks!


Thanks Carl, I can speak for our family. We definitely cheer for you every time! You are my son’s favorite and mine, too! You certainly have given us some awesome Monster Jam moments! Drive On! We will be there cheering you into the future and hoping to see you in the Monster Jam World Finals!


Disclosure: Diane Sullivan is a Feld Entertainment Ambassador Blogger. Interview opp provided by Monster Jam. Special thanks to Carl Van Horn for taking out time from his busy schedule to interview with me. It was very appreciated. Contact me at 3decades3kids@gmail.com and everywhere else at @3decades3kids.

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