THERAPEE the ultimate bedwetting solution:

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  Therapee-The Ultimate Bedwetting Solution
The National Sleep Foundation estimates that between 13-20% of 5-year-old children, 10% of 7-year-olds, and 5% of 10-year-old (and older) children suffer from Enuresis. This translates into millions of families affected. If not treated properly, kids can carry Enuresis into adolescence!

Dr. Jacob Sagie, an Enuresis specialist, has developed in 1994 a unique multi-modality treatment for bedwetting which produces an over 90% success rate. Based on this treatment model, his son Tal Sagie has developed THERAPEE™, the first web-based online treatment for bedwetting. This revolutionary treatment will redefine bedwetting treatment worldwide.  

Tal Sagie, M.A., a Enuresis therapist, Doctoral student and co-creator of THERAPEE™ specializes in children’s behavioral problems and has practiced bedwetting treatments since 1999 with more than 8,000 patients worldwide (children and adults up to thirty-five years old)

  • Parent’s Mistakes: Parents believe that if they wake up their kids at night to go to the bathroom; continue to make children wear pull ups every night; and/or limit a child’s liquid intake before bed they will miraculously prevent their child’s bedwetting!
  • Myths of Bedwetting: It’s a psychological problem. The child will grow out of it. Your child is lazy and doesn’t want to get up and go…Medication is the best solution for bedwetting!
  • THERAPEE™ the ultimate bedwetting solution: A combination of an advanced bedwetting alarm brought together with state-of-the-art, web-based interactive software. The system is based on over 30 years of professional research and practical application.

His Story: Tal and his father, Dr. Jacob Sagie, Ph.D. both were bedwetters. Dr. Sagie began his career as a family therapist and developed his own criterion to treat and cure his son of enuresis. As a therapist, the father saw the adverse emotional effects of bedwetting on children and their parents and saw an opportunity to make a difference. Tal and his father realized that they could codify the treatment online with age-appropriate interactive video that focuses on behavioral therapy, learning aids and an in-bed monitor. Curing kids of bedwetting was far more satisfying than family therapy. Tal has recently helped the youngest of his three children stop bedwetting.

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