King Tut Exhibit NYC

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King Tut Exhibit NY

About a week ago my family and I visited the King Tut Exhibit hosted by Discovery! We toured with an audio guide. It was the first time I used the device. You just pressed the number of the display and the audio guide told you all about whatever you were looking at! It was great. You could go at your own pace and repeat something if you wanted to hear it again. There was room after room filled with artifacts found in King Tut’s Tomb. Although King Tut is actually NOT part of the exhibit, there are so many artifacts that it really does not even matter. There are chairs, masks, games, tools, etc. even one of the six chariots that were buried in the tomb with him! After the exhibit we also watched the King Tut 3d movie. It was short, but very interesting. If you get a chance to see the King Tut exhibit, give it a try. It will be there until Jan. 1st, 2011, then it heads back to Egypt. I’m glad that I did not miss it!

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