ibi: The Smart Photo Manager

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 ibi: The Smart Photo Manager

*This is a sponsored post with a sample product provided. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the parent company represented.*

If you’re like me, you take A LOT of photos. Chances are, they’re stored all over the place – in the cloud, on your social media, on your desktop, your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your photos all in one place? And wouldn’t it be even nicer to be able to share those photos with only the people you want? And for them to share privately with you as well? Well — meet ibi. ibi is a smart photo manager that lets you store, organize and share your photos like never before: privately, easily, intuitively.
I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it’s true…and SO SO easy to use. Really.  Just Plug ibi in, download the app ( it works on both HYPERLINK “https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1367726686″ \t “_blank” iOS and  HYPERLINK “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wdc.ibi” \t “_blank” Android, and there’s even a desktop version) set up an account, and that’s it! ibi syncs photos from your phone, a USB drive, Drop Box, Google Drive – even your social media accounts. Think you have too many photos for ibi to handle? Think again. With 2TB of storage, it’s hard to imagine running out.

Once you’re all synced, you’re ready to organize and share: create albums based on location, date, or event. And then (and I think this is the best part) SHARE those albums with the people you choose. Let’s face it, not every photo is meant for everyone to see on social media (hello pics of your teen doing…well, anything!). With ibi, you can create an inner circle and share only with them. It’s private and shared at the same time. I also love that ibi is a physical device. I know EXACTLY where the pictures are going. No worries about losing them in some cloud somewhere. They’re right in this cute little device.

Another thing I love about ibi is that other people can share their pictures with you, too. Let’s say you’re at a Father’s Day event. Your pics go into the father’s day album you’ve created – but SO DO THE PHOTOS TAKEN BY EVERYONE ELSE YOU’VE INVITED TO THE ALBUM. How cool is that? It’s kind of like the old “everyone gets a disposable camera” idea – only way, way better. The people you invited don’t even have to have an ibi!
I’m so looking forward to it at birthday parties for my youngest. I’ll be able to share photos with her friends’ moms without worrying about posting pictures or videos to social media of other people’s kids. Genius! And for vacations it’s just about perfect. Grandma actually wants see every pic – but not everyone on my social media feed has to!

Here’s more good news: right now, just in time for Father’s Day, you can get your ibi at a special price at HYPERLINK “http://www.meetibi.com” www.meetibi.com. Visit  HYPERLINK “https://www.meetibi.com/” \t “_blank” meetibi.com anyway to learn more about how ibi works to make your special moments easier and more fun to share.

Disclosure: All opinions are of Diane Sullivan and do not reflect the views of the parent company represented. Sample provided. Sponored post. Contact me at Diane@3decades3kids.net or @3decades3kids across all social media networks.

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