Liberty Science Center Sherlock Holmes and Doc Mc Stuffins Winter Exhibits

Liberty Science Center Sherlock Holmes and Doc Mc Stuffins

Recently our family was invited to Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ to check out the new Sherlock Holmes and Doc McStuffins Exhibit.

We were thrilled to adventure through Sberlock Holmes which is an interactive adventure.Our family was transported into the world of Sherlock Holmes’ London location to a world filled with innovation and experimentation in the field of forensic science.

While being hot on the trail of your own case, you’ll learn how the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, solved his cases! You can be just like Sherlock Holmes and see how he was a scientific expert ahead of his time and how he  used seemingly trivial observations of clues others missed to solve mysterious crimes. These were the crimes solved in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous books.

Our family enjoyed following the footprints left behind by someone. We were able to examine the blood splatter patterns, decipher Morse Code and also send codes to one another. We discovered missing items, and above all used our powers of observation to crack the case! This is an absolute must do for any Sherlock Holmes fan! Excellent exhibition!


There is also a Junior detective solving version available for the little ones!

Our family also was delighted to switch gears and head over to the newest preschool exhibit, Doc McStuffins. The littles were able to put on actual doctor’s lab coat, pick up a stethoscope, and perform check-ups on toys! What an incredible opportunity for the preschool set. Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit! Is a hands on interactive experience that will have any child (secretly) learning as they play!


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