Traces NYC

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US National Tour
Looking for a great off Broadway show that’s fun for the entire family? You can find one with Traces. So exciting!
Traces, which gets us in touch with the seven character cast, really is a fast paced, thrilling, acrobatic filled, stunt based show.
Traces will have you holding onto your seat as the cast flies through the air just a few feet in front of you. Not to mention there are no safety nets. 
By the end of the show, I felt as though I knew each and every member of the cast. This show is very unique and connects directly to the audience. I’m not sure where else you can find basketball, contemporary dance, modern dance, skateboards and more right in front of your eyes. You will not be disappointed!
Traces has a unique way of pulling the audience in, from the minute you are seated, including the preshow(which you may be the star of) and the directions before Traces begins! Talk about a fascinating use of irony.

Traces is a 90 minute, no intermission show. But, you won’t want to leave in the middle anyway. The show only gets better as it goes on. One act is better than the next. I had the pleasure of enjoying this show with my 20, 12 and 4 year old and they all loved it! 
Special thanks to Traces for providing review tickets.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids and 
Diane Sullivan.

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