The Lion King 3D In Theaters Sept. 16th-Screening Review!

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In Theaters September 16th for 
A Limited Engagement

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the NYC screening of The Lion King 3D. Being a forever Disney fan, my family and I could not wait for the event to take place. The movie has long been a family favorite and toys from our now 20 year old son are still scattered in our play room for our 4 year old daughter to enjoy. Seeing the movie the day it opened many years ago (and tearing up every time since then that I watch it) I was curious to see if there would really be any difference seeing it in 3D. 
I must admit, you definitely will be missing out on some Disney magic if you do not see this in its limited engagement 2 week theater run.
 From the moment the Circle of Life began to play, 
I was overcome with emotion and felt so much a part of the experience. The transition to 3D was wonderful.
 Just when I thought the movie could not get any better, there it was right in front of my eyes. Of course, the 3D glasses were a real plus, especially during the stampede, for more reasons than one (wonderful after all these years to finally have something covering my eyes as the tears rolled).
By now it is hard to find someone that does not know the story of brother vs. brother in this African tale of jealously, love, and the meaning of true family and of course, the circle of life. If you have never seen The Lion King on the big screen, now is your chance. Of course, it will be thrilled to watch this one over and over, as we already have a copy of the new DVD on pre-order. I’m sure it will continue to be a renewed family favorite. 
Em getting some African face-painting.

After the movie we were pleased to be a part of the mix and mingle. Lion King 3D swag was flowing with posters, tattoos, rulers, and lunch bags provided by Subway. More fun was the children came  along in the form of face-painting and delicious goodies. A few celebs were a part of the fun and could not have been any nicer. We truly had a magical day!

Brooke Shields and Adam.
Diane, Em, and Kelly Ripa
The Lion King 3D in theaters Sept. 16 for a limited engagement.
October 4, 2011 Available on Disney Blu-ray Hi-Def and Blu-ray 3D for the first time ever. You can pre-order at

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