FyrFlyz Spin Your… FyrFlyz We Own The Night!

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Looking for some great family fun? Maybe an alternative to video games for kids. I may have found the answer with this little high energy toy!
With these days of video and online games, sometimes it’s difficult to find something that is not electronic to keep the kids occupied. I think we have found something that is really fun and entertaining, not just hours, but days, or longer.
When FyrFlyz arrived in the mail, I wasn’t sure what they were or how my children would react to them.
 It was amazing to see just how excited they were to try them out!

I knew the kids would initially like them because anything that lights up in our house is a hit, but I could really not imagine the show I was in for in the coming days!
FyrFlyz are the creation of i-Star Entertainment President Joel Rosenzweig and CEO Marty Abrams, who have had major success with Magna Doodle, Micronauts, and Sky Dancers, just to name a few. I can see why this company has earned the reputation for creating some of the hottest products for kids, tweens, and teens. 
FyrFlyz was a total hit in our house. My twelve year old son could not wait to try them out. There are 3 types available: Cyclone, Nytfyr, and Blue Angel. These compact toys can create many many hours of exciting play as the kids discover new light patterns including Large Orbits, Sydwynders, Black Holes, or Shooting Stars!
If it was not enough fun to watch my son making a million patterns with his FyrFlyz, I decided to take them to an event I was working to see how other children would react. The kids loved FyrFlyz! Thanks to FyrFlyz we were able to make quite a few children happy that day. Both boys and girls enjoyed making stars, circles, and my favorite, flowers!

My children really had a blast with FyrFlyz and are learning new patterns to make with them every day!
Don’t miss your chance at some light up fun! 
Check out FyrFlyz.com for locations where you can get some FyrFlyz of your own!

Disclosure: Thanks to FyrFlyz for review and giveaway materials.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids/DianeSullivan.

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