Nickelodeon Story Time Live

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Nickelodeon Story Time Live

My family and I had the pleasure of attending Nickelodeon Story Time Live at Radio City, NYC.

We had a fantastic time!

The Nickelodeon Show was hosted by Moose and Zee, which was a first, and very entertaining for the kids!

The show featured Ni Hao,Kai-Lan and her search for the Monkey King! The costumes were wonderful and the smoke on the stage made it seem so real! Emily wanted to dance and sing from the beginning to the end of the show!

The Wonder Pets were great with their life-size puppets! The Backyardigans were very entertaining with their songs about dirt land! But, our family favorite was “Dora”! She brought the audience to a new high-level of singing and dancing. When Swiper came onto the stage the kids went wild!! All you could hear was, “Swiper-NO swiping! Swiper-NO swiping!”. It’s amazing what energy a group of over 500 preschoolers can bring out!

So, if you have a preschooler, or someone a little younger, or little older, you will love this show!
The kids love to watch their favorite shows on Nick Jr., can you imagine how much fun it is to see it live? Enjoy!
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