Summer Learning For Age 13 & up! Free Trial- The Great Courses Plus

Summer Learning For Age 13 & up! Free Trial- The Great Courses Plus

This summer is going to be a summer like no other. If you are like me you are all about keeping the learning going during summer and year round. Sometimes it’s rough when you are looking for learning that will interest the teen and up crowd. It seems that everything fun is for the little ones, but not anymore. If you are looking for a program where teens, adults and seniors can learn something new this summer I think I found just the thing! Bonus, it will not break the bank! We have found a great program, The Great Courses Plus.

Known as the “Netflix of Learning,” The Great Courses Plus is a premier unlimited streaming service where we can learn anything about everything with engaging courses (viewable via laptop/desktop, tablet or mobile device) – from photography, guitar, and baking to botany, astronomy , math & magic. — all delivered in fun and engaging formats taught by leading professors from the world’s top colleges and universities.   With so many travel plans and camp plans cancelled we are all looking for something to keep occupied.

One of my favorite things about The Great Courses is that they partner with renowned institutions and pioneering discovery and research organizations like National Geographic, The Smithsonian, The Mayo Clinic, The Culinary Institute of America, and others to provide riveting, one-of-a-kind content/learning on a variety of topics.

Some other highlights that I love about The Great Courses:

  • Each series is taught by brilliant, award-winning and engaging lecturers selected especially for their ability to teach. Hailing from Ivy League colleges and other top schools and institutions, they represent the top 1% of university professors and subject matter experts.

  • Watch/listen at your own pace.  There’s NO homework, tests or pressure (and NO commercials) — just amazing learning experiences from the world’s most brilliant educators.

  • Cook alongside chefs from The Culinary Institute of America;  Learn Tai Chi from an international Master Instructor;   Find Out how to get your legal house in order or know the basics of Constitutional law from top law professors; Discover planets with one of the country’s top planetary scientists. History buffs can take a course that studies the events of a single year and focuses on how those events shaped the world.

  • For Teens Missing Camp: Among many courses they can learn Guitar with the Music Program Director at The University of Colorado; study the Night Sky with an award-winning astronomer; Learn the fundamentals of Photography with a National Geographic Photographer or the learn the basics of Botany with an award-winning biologist; learn about “Math & Magic” from an leading math professor and acclaimed magician; investigate Modern Robotics with a brilliant Roboticist or learn Spanish with a multi-award winning Spanish professor…… and MUCH more

  • For $10 A MONTH Membership Plan (including One Month FREE) , The Great Courses Plus offers the whole family unlimited access to more than 11,500 videos. Subscribers can learn something new by simply streaming or downloading courses for viewing or listening at home, during their commute, at the gym, or anywhere.

  • Learners get more than just access to classes; they have the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge and get unique perspectives on the topics that interest them most. Learn anything about everything – from drawing, music, cooking, and photography to health & wellness, science, history, law (and everything in between).

  • The Great Courses Plus delivers knowledge on Android and iOS devices via a variety of streaming audio and video platforms, including Amazon Audible, Amazon Video, the Apple App Store, Apple TV, Chromecast, Google Play and Roku.