Netflix #StreamTeam: A “Fuller” Night In With Family


     With the winter cold and snow settling in, there’s nothing better than gathering the family together for a night of  family fun at home where it’s nice and warm!      But when it comes to a family night in, are you the homemade-meal, lights-off, candles-lit type of family like Stephanie Tanner? Or […]

Netflix #StreamTeam What’s Coming This December!

CAPTIVE SEASON 1 12/09/2016

Christmas (and the entire holiday season) is a time for giving– and Netflix is certainly in the holiday spirit, giving us plenty to snuggle up by the fire and watch together! From Netflix originals like Fuller House Season 2, Barry, Ricardo Farrill’s Christmas Special, and Trollhunters to awesome new streaming additions like The Angry Birds […]

Netflix #StreamTeam November: Welcome Home


     With start of the holiday season just around the corner, it’s certainly a time for family and tradition to take center stage. It’s one of the reasons that this is my favorite time of year– coming together as a family and appreciating not only all of the good things that have happened in […]

Sneak Off for some “Me Time” With Netflix This Month! #StreamTeam

We know there are only so many times you can hear the Dinotrux theme song before you start sneaking off to binge the new season of Orange is the New Black in the bathtub or “do work in the garage” while you secretly watch Voltron: Legendary Defender. Don’t be ashamed, moms and dads, you’re definitely […]

Kicks Off Sept 19th! Biggest, Scariest Fright Fest in History Unearthed at Six Flags Great Adventure


Biggest, Scariest Fright Fest in History Unearthed at Six Flags Great Adventure Okay, in my eyes it is never ever too early to start celebrating Halloween. There are not enough weekends in October so I was just thrilled to find out that Six Flags Great Adventure kicks off Fright Fest Saturday Sept. 19th! Six Flags Great […]

You Are Invited to Experience @NBCBlindspot This Weekend in #NYC


  You Are Invited to Experience NBC Blindspot This Weekend in NYC Recently fans of NBC’s Heroes Reborn were invited to an extra special interactive experience in Times Square NYC. Although my daughter is a little young for the show, she still had an amazing time partnering with me for the green screen experience that landed […]

Sphero SPRK Edition- Schools-Parents-Robots-Kids


Sphero SPRK Edition- Schools-Parents-Robots-Kids Just in time for some back to school fun, the new Sphero SPRK Edition brings learning and play together like no other robot can! The new model, called SPRK because it unites Schools, Parents, Robots, and Kids in a unique learning experience, features in-depth app integration and a distinct clear appearance […]